How To Get Rid of Webworms in Trees in Fredericksburg, VA

Webworms are those unsightly wigglers that often tell you that fall is upon us. Some people might confuse them with tent caterpillars, but you can’t miss that thick web they build around the tips of branches and trees.

Unfortunately, each nest will keep expanding as the worms grow, which means more ingested leaves. Therefore, many homeowners will want to do something about the infestation quickly.

In this post, Fredericksburg’s tree service company covers how to get rid of webworms in trees.

how to get rid of webworms in trees

Remove Them Manually

If you can reach the webworm nests, you can use a long stick or a rake to destroy the webs as much as possible. A strong blast of water from your garden hose can also work in many cases. With the nests compromised, the webworms will become easy pickings for birds and lizards.

Enlist the Help of Beneficial Insects

Webworms have more than 80 predators and parasites, but tiny wasps are the most accessible. Many suppliers sell beneficial wasps online. Releasing them on your property will lead to a sharp decline in the webworm population and other tree pests.

If you’d rather not buy wasps, you can grow sunflowers and other related species in your yard to attract ladybugs, assassin bugs, and little black ants.

Prune the Branches

One way to deal with isolated webworm infestations is to prune the affected branches, bag them with the nest, and dispose of them carefully. You can also burn the branches or stomp on the web if you’re worried about the webworms escaping.

Spray the Webs With a Soap Solution

Soapy water suffocates webworms. If you have the tools, you can mix some dish soap in warm water and spray the webs with them. Alternatively, you can remove the branches holding the webs and dip them in a bucket of soapy water.

Use Organic Insecticides

One of the most straightforward tips on how to get rid of webworms in trees is to kill them with insecticides. Products containing the bacterium known as Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) are highly effective at killing webworms. The spray won’t harm your pets or other plants.

Neem sprays are also effective at killing webworms.

However, whether you’re using Bt or Neem sprays, you’ll need to use them sparingly, only targeting the nests directly. These sprays can also kill the caterpillars of many butterflies and other important pollinators.

Can Webworms Cause Tree Diseases or Root System Damage?

It’s highly unlikely but not impossible. Healthy trees will not suffer root damage or any other type of damage due to webworms. However, these pests can have you thinking about tree removal by spring for trees with compromised tree trunks and those already under significant stress.

Get Expert Help With Dealing With Webworms in Fredericksburg, VA

Webworms are rarely one of the reasons why trees die, but they can still be frustrating.

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