Can a Fallen Tree Stand Back Up in Your Fredericksburg, VA Home?

A fallen tree is one of the last things anyone wants to deal with on their property. Most people address fallen trees with tree removal. If you want to preserve the original look of your residential landscape instead of losing the tree completely, you might ask, “Can a fallen tree stand back up?”

As the best tree service company in Fredericksburg, Virginia, ArborPro is an expert at rescuing fallen trees. In the post below, we explain when uprighting a fallen tree is a good idea and how the process works. 

can a fallen tree stand back up

Possible Causes Behind Your Uprooted Tree

It’s not unusual for one or two trees to fall while others in the immediate vicinity stay firmly in place. Some trees are less likely to topple because they’re mature with deep-set roots. They could also be a species with robust root systems. 

However, trees don’t need shallow roots to fall over from wind or storms. Here are other causes for this problem.

Poor Tree Health

Pest infestations, fungal growths, and tree disease can weaken the plant’s health and structural integrity over time. Unhealthy, damaged trees are more likely to fall over because they’re not strong enough to support themselves during a storm. Contact a tree company immediately if you notice these warning signs:

  • Fungus around the tree truck’s base
  • Wilting or discolored leaves
  • Rotten smells around the tree

Shallow Soil

Trees in shallow soil won’t have enough space to establish deep roots. As a result, they can’t anchor themselves properly.

Disturbances From Infrastructure Development

Construction projects often involve excavation and land grading. These services can disturb the soil around trees, causing their root systems to become unstable. 

Can Fallen Trees Be Raised Again?

If you’re the property owner responsible for managing a fallen tree, you might wonder, “Can a fallen tree stand back up, or is tree removal the only option?” Surprisingly, excessive force could turn an uprooted tree upright.

A large, heavy tree could provide enough force without added weight. So a decent gust a wind in the right direction could push the tree back into its standing position, and its weight can keep in in place.

It’s also possible for trees to return to their original position if people constantly walk around the disturbed area. With the right amount of tree tension, footsteps alone could help raise a fallen tree. 

The reason uprighting a fallen tree is possible largely stems from its root system. When one side of the root plate rises, it creates a counterbalance on the other side. 

Get Help Repositioning a Toppled Tree in Fredericksburg Today

Can a fallen tree stand back up? They can in certain conditions. Still, you may need professional help restoring a fallen tree upright. 

We at ArborPro have over 20 years of experience serving Fredericksburg, Virginia with outstanding tree care services. As ISA-certified arborists prioritizing safety and customer satisfaction, we employ the best methods for raising a fallen tree. We can also remove a rotting tree, clean up storm damage, and provide tree trimming services. 

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