ArborPro in Fredericksburg, VA, Saves Property From Decaying Tree With Efficient Tree Removal Service

ArborPro in Fredericksburg, VA, Saves Property From Decaying Tree With Efficient Tree Removal Service

by | Mar 30, 2024

A Spotsylvania County resident called ArborPro in Fredericksburg, VA, for a tree in their yard. The tree was quite old and presented a hazard not only to the yard but to the home nearby. Due to the tree’s rot and age, the ArborPro team had to come in for professional timber removal, being careful not to damage the property as massive limbs came down. With professionals in tree extraction on the project, the job was a success, thanks to careful planning and years of expertise.

  • Client Profile: Residential Homeowner
  • Location: Fredericksburg, VA
  • Type of Service: Tree Removal
  • Tree Size: Approx. 40 feet in height
  • Equipment/Products Used: Knuckle Boom and Debris Truck.
  • Service Frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Winter
  • Specific Challenges: This was a 150 to 200-year-old White Oak with extensive decay at the base. The homeowner wanted to remove this tree due to its hazardous location on their property.
  • Tree Type: White Oak
  • Client Preferences: The customer requested to remove the white oak due to its location and state of decay.


decaying tree

Decaying tree


Professional Tree Removal in Fredericksburg

The client requested the tree clearance of one white oak, a tree that had been standing there for over 150 years. Due to the rot and age of the tree, the structure was unsound and posed a threat to the residence. Even a single storm could cause the tree to collapse and significantly damage the surrounding property.

ArborPro in Fredericksburg, VA, and its expert tree removal service came in to address the situation by expertly performing arborist removal with a Knuckle Boom and debris truck. 



during decaying tree removal

During decaying tree removal


Spotsylvania County Tree Removal

The tree, scaling over 40 feet high, presented a challenge to remove due to not only its size but also the fragility it hid in its trunk. As experienced professionals, the ArborPro team was able to create a plan and gather the necessary tools and equipment for a safe, efficient removal. They carefully removed the tree by cutting it into manageable pieces and moving them away from the property.

Thanks to their teamwork and meticulous service, they efficiently removed the tree and provided the necessary clean-up in a single session. Once the tree was down, they examined its interior and found extensive decay, showing how pertinent the tree removal truly was.

By the end, the client’s property was clean and free from the potential hazard caused by the oak tree.



After decaying tree removal

After decaying tree removal

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